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Careers Guidance

I have had the pleasure of working with a vast range of students offering Careers Advice and Guidance at major transition points in their lives.

These include Year 9 students who are preparing to choose their GCSE options, Year 10 and 11 students as they prepare for Further Education and/or employment and also Year 12 and 13 students as they embark on their journey to university or into employment after A-levels and other Level 3 qualifications.

Having worked for many years in state schools in North East Essex, I now work in conjunction with COA (Cambridge Occupational Analysts) offering careers interviews in independent schools across the South East.

Please use the link below to find out more about COA

I am also happy to offer Careers Advice and Guidance to clients of all ages (Fees £30 per hour)

Please refer to the contacts page to ask for further advice on how to contact us.





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